Swing Park Group

One of the main aims of the Trust has been to improve facilities for younge people in the area.

The Route 81 youth project is successfully addressing this issue for the age group 11yrs - 18yrs. For the younger children we aim to have a new Swing Park to replace to old decommissioned equipment in Bendarroch Park and the Greenfield estate. Phase one in Bendarroch park was successfully compleded in 2007 and we are now fund-raising to complete the park with phase 2 and to replace the Moonbuggy at Greenfields. If you are interested in helping to achieve this project please contact the Trust. New faces and ideas are always welcome at swing park meetings.

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 Greenfield Moonbuggy replacement

Well done to everyone who helped us to make this come true.


The Moonbuggy was much loved over the years by Garelochhead's Children, Do you have any fun Photos or interesting stories about the Moonbuggy, send them in and we'll add some to the site