About Garelochhead and Portincaple Community Trust


Garelochhead and Portincaple Community Trust came in to being in 2002 to address various needs that had been identified within the two villages. Initially four main areas were targeted, with four subgroups.

Youth sub group:

To address the needs of young people in the area who had few facilities available to them. This eventually developed into the Route 81 Youth Project (for 11 t0 18 year olds ) which is now a separate charity.

Route 81 Youth Project

Environment sub group

To address environmental issues such as beach cleaning, dog fouling and the general appearance and cleanliness of the villages with the aim to make it a pleasant place to live and visit.

Paths sub group:

To develop links such as paths and cycleways within the local area.

Business Sub group:

To encourage and support local business.





With the separation of the youth project the groups were amalgamated  to form two groups

Swing Park Group:

To develop the Bendarroch play area and Greenfield play area for the younger children of the village.

The Greenfield "Moonbuggy" has recently been removed as it had become unsafe leaving nothing for the Kids in the Greenfield Area.

We are currently having fund-raising events to get replacement equipment urgently for this area. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR EVENTS,